Sabtu, 21 November 2009



In front of the gate SMAN 09 Jakarta ....
Students appear in droves to make the procession graduation party. Some doodling sleeve. There are boys who then topless and then write the entire chest with signature squiggle and his friends. There was a streak, smear his face. Some march filled the car as she cheered on the crowded streets of Jakarta. There was a busy sounding the trumpets. There are then made attractions street with a motorcycle parade and various other behaviors leave to celebrate graduation from high school.
Among them, a student looked pensive own. Her face seemed saved much pain. He always tried to avoid any close friends. Attitude that tends to shut down excited she got quiet.

"Basic mysterious girl!" Rehina whispering to ear Lydia, as she watched the stunned own Gadia it.

"Look around the Juminah it, certainly every day like a lot of thoughts!" Said Lydia as she winked., As she glanced at the girl's blood circumstances that stunned himself, who appears to have a nickname Juminah.

"State of thinking, time!" Hanny mocked.
"Ha, ha, ha ....!" Everyone laughed together as he grunted his face in the direction Juminah looking up with a frozen expression. Juminah seems as if accustomed to be treated like that.

"Hey, the number! Lu this, the strangest girls in this school. Lu doing his own thinking, huh? "Indra deliberately picked Juminah cheek. Juminah turned her face as she passed away Indra.

"Hi, Bro! Cave your think expression was sad every day purely! Now the last day of our graduation, we'll see. Come party please, passing us! "As he took over Icheu Juminah waist.
'Cave' ordinary not party something ...., "Said Juminah with slowly tone.
"Fuihhh! This time only! I want to party with you so much...., "There Ririn beside Icheu urgent.

'Cave' not usualy ...., "Said Juminah.
"No bias?" Icheu frowned.
Juminah nodded. Before I could say anything else, a blue Volvo car stopped in front of Juminah. The driver of the car and then opened the car door and said to Juminah, "Come on, Neng! Dad is very concerned about eneng! "
"Yeah, Dad!" Juminah into the car regardless of Icheu and Indri are still trying to persuade him.

"Damn! Basic mysterious girl! "Icheu snorted in disgust directed at Juminah. While Juminah though he heard his friend was not ignored.
"Come on, sir! We rush home! "Said Juminah same driver pick him up. to start car for driver to leave SMA Negeri 09 Jakarta. Car interrupt the flow of traffic density.

"How, Neng? Passed huh? "Ask the driver on the sidelines of the trip.
"Thank God, sir," replied Juminah.
"The plan if you've graduated to where?"
"I do not know. You know yourself, I tokh, just a worthless servant in your house Djatmiko. Was biased just graduated from high school, I've quietly this, anyway sir! "
"But sir Djatmiko Miss seem very similar eneng saying. He is always watching Miss... Even his phone to school until Miss made only passing that you question it. Once heard about you, graduating, he immediately ordered you make in a hurry shuttle Miss ...., "Explained the driver.

"Mr. Djatmiko will too well with me .... Sometimes I was' not good ...., "
"My son too good, diligent work, diligent study, and never made frutated Master Djatmiko family. No wonder he wrote that really just love you! "
"Ah, father when I complimented .... Make me assamed ...., "Juminah down
Not feel the car had reached the front gate of the house Mr. Djatmiko.

At home Mr Djatmiko ....
Juminah out of the car as usual. Return to the home and work of the servants. Clean the house, sweeping, mopping, and more work as a maid in a big house owned by Mr. Djatmiko. So much tire was a maid, but she was grateful, because the sweat pouring down pouring every day had led to high school diploma.

In the living room ... ..
At night the twenty-one, as Mr. Djatmiko not usually have relaxed in the living room with his wife. That day he came home earlier than usual today. So there is a chance to relax and gather with their families. Mr. Djatmiko when it was casually enjoying a hot coffee with his wife. While Henry was still busy in the eye care lecture room.
"Fri," suddenly Mr. called Juminah passing by to drop off hot tea for Henry in his room.
"You called me?" Said Juminah with not dare face at him. Mr. Djatmiko seemed concerned Juminah with a smile. Meanwhile, Mrs. Djatmiko only glanced with no sympathetic view.

"Jum, you gave used this tea to Henry, huh? You're going to come back. Somebody wants me to talk to you! "Said Mr. Djatmiko.

Juminah of holding down a cup of hot tea nodded. "Excuse me sir, ma'am ....," Juminah leaving Mr. and Mrs. Henry Djatmiko to room. Before long, Juminah back to Mr. Djatmiko and his wife. Juminah sit 'emok *' on the floor.

"Jum," Mr. Djatmiko looks hot coffee deeply.

"Yes, sir ....," Juminah always try to look down.

"Jum, ye udah dapet his high school diploma?" Ask Mr. Djatmiko.

"Let's you!" Said Juminah, "Mr. and Mrs. excellent! I schooled here until graduated from high school. I do not know how I must thank Mr. and Mrs. same ....! "Says Juminah with a unique voice.

"Jum, can I see your certificate?" Said Mr. Djatmiko later.

"Sure, sir!" Said Juminah then hurried to the back room to get diplomas. Then come back Juminah was handing a high school diploma is laminated to Mr. Djatmiko, "This is Mr. ...,"

Mr. Djatmiko accepted. Then he noticed that there are transcripts in the back ... .., "Good .... The average value of nearly eighty ... You had rank, the number? "Said Mr. Djatmiko looked so glad so seeing Juminah diploma transcripts.

"Please sir .... I just dapet third rank in class ...., "

"Good, good ...!" Mr. Djatmiko breathed while frowned, "Did you just call from the teacher had you .... I heard you were registered PMDK, and pass? What realy? "

"Please, sir .... That ndak know .... Juminah, no intention to college .... Fri not have costs ... During this had make difficult you, sir, "replied Juminah like watching Mrs. Djatmiko fear that seemed surprised when I heard the story Mr. Djatmiko.

"Yes, Lovable! How is lose employer! "Said Mrs. Djatmiko . Juminah more cynical view.

"Mom, Juminah I find here is my adopted son! Why Mama says so brave? "Mr. Djatmiko suddenly blushing.

"What? Adopted child? "Mrs. Djatmiko cynical.

"Yeah, why? Mother not agree? "

"Yes, obviously the mother not agree!"

"Mom, we only have one child and mothers can not be pregnant again after giving birth to Henry because of her uterus removed. Well, what's wrong with us up Juminah to be our adopted child? "

"What else mean daddy? Dad used to ask permission to send their mama Juminah until junior high school graduation. Says Dad let me create a helper, but must be smart.

Then once finished junior high school, Papa Mama's appeal to the school to approve Juminah graduated from high school she was considering working here without salary. Mama has approved .... Now Papa appeal again to lift Juminah become our adopted child? What else mean Daddy? "Mrs. Djatmiko look instantly indignant.

"Sir, please I do not become an argument. I never dreamed too high ... What else to be adopted Master! "Said Juminah with face down.

"Hear, Ma! Juminah it has a good IQ. Even the teacher himself has given me an IQ test ... Juminah Juminah have a high IQ .... This is something beyond could.... Papa did not want to eliminate the chance of children who can not afford but had a high IQ to achieve his goals ... Was Mama Juminah to pay loss later in college while he could be building assets for our company? "Explained Mr. Djatmiko.

"I want hear more reason Papa!"

"Mom, in this case is decided Papa! Juminah should go to college and I will inaugurate the adoption of foster children in Juminah as soon as possible! "Mr. Djatmiko with demolished.

"No, sir! I am not willing to college! I do not want to bother! "Said Juminah.

"See, Papa! Hear, own right? Juminah own refuse? "Mrs. Djatmiko pout.

"Henry!" Mr. Djatmiko suddenly called Henry.

"What, Dad?" Henry is a room not so far directly came and sat next to Mr. Djatmiko.

"Daddy wanted Tanya? You want have sister with beautiful woman and smart? "Ask daddy do not care if Mrs. Djatmiko the anger already had been exploded.

"Certainly, sir!" Said Henry.

"Well, to have sister, Mama you 'can not get pregnant again, o.k. .... Means to adopt or raise children, right? "

"Yes, indeed it Pah! Papa to push What a beautiful girl and smart? "Henry said.
"You just choose ... do you think we left child adoption in the orphanage that its origin is not clear, intelligent engga discovered what an idiot? Or we raised Juminah left in front of us, who've discovered their origin, behavior caught, beautiful, and obviously has an IQ of almost genius? "Said Mr. Djatmiko trying to discredit his wife.

"Well if for Henry? Obviously! Increased lift Juminah brother Henry made so if you need to be a lifelong Henry's friend. Agree! Agree so much! "Henry smiled as he teased growing Juminah down.

"Well, the conclusion ... Papa was a poll! One to two! This means that the majority decision decided that starting tomorrow Juminah officially be adopted Papa. And I had to succumb to the majority decision! Got it? "Said Mr. Djatmiko push as palm and palm clap to Henry ... "Tossss!" Immediately rushed Djatmiko Mom left the family room upstairs.

"Sir, I am not willing ....," She said as she watched Mrs. Djatmiko with worry.

"You must be willing!" Mr. Djatmiko not care.

"True, the number! Mama just jealous! Afraid to love you Papa moved ama. But later he was also aware of and will receive you! "Henry patted Juminah.
"But, sir!"

"Come on! From now on you call me Daddy? How about that? "Said Mr. Djatmiko beamed.
"But I can no, sir!" Juminah answered modestly.

"Then call me Dad! Could not you? "

"Eu ....,"

"Must be ... Come on!"

"Yes, Dad ....,"

"Well!" Mr. Djatmiko looks dripping two drops of clear when Juminah call you, "I'm so touched you want to call me Dad!" Said Mr. Djatmiko, "Come on, from now on you can not sit on the floor again! You are a smart girl! You graduated PMDK to UI. And starting tomorrow you went to medical school faculty. That means you were prospective doctors, the number! "Mr. Djatmiko looked so proud.
"But I never list ... eu Tu Father?"

"What is it you follow your teacher. I ordered, so that you opted in to the UI to PMDK taked Faculty of Medicine! "

"Yes, you start tomorrow to stay in college at the UI medical faculty. Regarding all costs, I'd pay it off. So you live in too, take the letter of introduction from Mr. Dawiryo at your high school. Easy, right? "

"Honey, I'm so not good ....,"

"Come on! Now, you go into your room and set up what should be prepared tomorrow! "Said Mr. Djatmiko .* TO BE CONTINUED...!


LOVE THAT mutilated mutilation is an ongoing heart of a Juminah. Innocent girl who was born of an affair of a prominent businessman and Jumini Djatmiko, who later grew up as a housemaid in her own home. Mrs. Djatmiko, tirinyayang mother turned out to be famous executioner syndicate leader who bisaa tenders handling cases big companies, realizing Juminah is the only sole heir Initiative Corporation, a company owned by Mr. Djatmiko, immediate action. He immediately drove Juminah. Even plastic surgery forced Juminah order not recognized by anyone else.

Herlin doctors who handle plastic surgery Juminah was a lesbian. He is infatuated with Juminah Juminah and threatened to be made handicapped face through plastic surgery if Juminah not marry officially as a lesbian couple with a doctor Herlin.
Meanwhile, Henry is a child of Mrs. Djatmiko, secretly in love with death as Juminah, suddenly startled by a letter from Mr. Djatmiko lover whose contents no other states that are children of her own Juminah Mr. Djatmiko.

How does Henry's reaction when he met again with Juminah that has changed the status of Mexico Ambaratih girl who was already married with a spouse Herlin lesbinya doctor? Mutilation love what else is going on between Mr. Djatmiko when he found out he was duped by his wife own power? How did you react or Mrs. Siska Djatmiko syndicate leader who was ruthless bodyguard against mutilation by Pak Djatmiko marriage? How the fate of Mrs. jumini, Mr. Djatmiko lover who alone? Why Henry is not declared as heir INITIATIVES Corporation? Children who Henry? Or Henry result of a mutilation Juminah love like?